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View defines fields that can be gathered from table or query.

Each View must be stored as view_name.view YAML file:

view: view_name
connection: connection_name
label: 'view label in UI'
description: 'description in UI'
table: table_name
derived_table: |
'SELECT ... FROM ...'

- user_defined_function_name
- user_defined_function_name
- ...

# List of fields (Dimensions, Time, Measures, Calculations, Filters)
# - dimension: dimension_name
# ...

View Parameters

view*string-View name
connection*string-Connection name
labelstring-View label in UI
descriptionstring-View description in UI
table**string-Specify existing table as a source for a view
derived_table**string-Way to derive table for a view through custom SQL query
udfsstring[]-List all of user defined functions needed by current View
fields(Dimension | Time | Measure | Calculation | Filter) []-Begin a section of fields