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Part of .vis or .dashboard

reports:   #begin of reports section (inside Vis or Dashboard)
- title: 'report title in UI'
description: 'description in UI'
model: model_name
- alias.field_name
- alias.field_name
- ...
sorts: alias.field_name, alias.field_name desc, ...
timezone: 'UTC'
limit: 500
dashboard_filter_name: alias.field_name, alias.field_name, ...
dashboard_filter_name: alias.field_name, alias.field_name, ...
- 'filter expression'
- 'filter expression'
- ...
- 'filter expression'
- 'filter expression'
- ...
type: chart_type
- alias.field_name
- alias.field_name
- ...
x_field: alias.field_name
y_field: alias.field_name
- alias.field_name
- alias.field_name
- ...
multi_field: alias.field_name
value_field: alias.field_name
previous_value_field: alias.field_name
x_axis_label: 'X axis label'
y_axis_label: 'Y axis label'
show_x_axis_label: false
show_y_axis_label: false
x_axis: true
y_axis: true
show_axis: true
color_scheme: 'cool'
scheme_type: 'ordinal'
interpolation: 'linear'
card_color: 'rgba(255, 255, 255, 100)'
empty_color: 'rgba(255, 255, 255, 100)'
band_color: 'rgba(255, 255, 255, 100)'
text_color: 'rgba(255, 255, 255, 100)'
units: 'usd'
legend_title: 'Legend'
legend: false
labels: true
format: true
show_data_label: true
tooltip_disabled: false
round_edges: true
round_domains: true
show_grid_lines: true
auto_scale: false
doughnut: false
explode_slices: false
gradient: false
animations: false
page_size: 5
arc_width: 0.25
bar_padding: 8
group_padding: 16
inner_padding: 8
angle_span: 240
start_angle: -120
big_segments: 10
small_segments: 5
min: 0
max: 100
y_scale_min: -100
y_scale_max: 100
x_scale_max: 100
format_number_data_label: '$,.0f'
format_number_value: '$,.0f'
format_number_axis_tick: '$,.0f'
format_number_y_axis_tick: '$,.0f'
format_number_x_axis_tick: '$,.0f'
tile_width: 8
tile_height: 12
tile_x: 0
tile_y: 0

Report Parameters

title*string-Report title
descriptionstring-Report description in UI
model*string-Model name
select*string[]-List of selected fields
sortsstring-A way to sort data
timezoneenumUTCOverride timezone for specific report
limitnumber500Limit the number of rows
listen_filtersdictionary-(only for dashboard reports) Map dashboard filters to fields
default_filtersdictionary-Default filter expressions (override by listen_filters)
  • table
  • bar_vertical
  • bar_vertical_grouped
  • bar_vertical_stacked
  • bar_vertical_normalized
  • bar_horizontal
  • bar_horizontal_grouped
  • bar_horizontal_stacked
  • bar_horizontal_normalized
  • pie
  • pie_advanced
  • pie_grid
  • line
  • area
  • area_stacked
  • area_normalized
  • heat_map
  • tree_map
  • number_card
  • gauge
  • gauge_linear


hide_columnsstring[]-One or more of selected fields to hide table columns on visualization
x_field**string-One of selected fields (dimension) to get single series data
y_field**string-One of selected fields (measure or calculation) to get single series data
y_fields**string[]-One or more of selected fields (measure or calculation) to get multi series data
multi_fieldstring-One of selected fields (dimension) to group multi series data
value_field**string-One of selected fields (measure or calculation) to get single value
previous_value_fieldstring-One of selected fields (measure or calculation) to get single value


x_axis_labelstringx axis labelX axis label
y_axis_labelstringy axis labelY axis label
show_x_axis_labelbooleanfalseShow or hide X axis label
show_y_axis_labelbooleanfalseShow or hide Y axis label
x_axisbooleantrueShow or hide X axis
y_axisbooleantrueShow or hide Y axis
show_axisbooleantrueShow or hide axis


color_schemeenum"soft"Chart color scheme:
  • soft
  • vivid
  • natural
  • cool
  • fire
  • solar
  • air
  • aqua
  • flame
  • forest
  • horizon
  • neons
  • picnic
  • night
  • night_lights
scheme_typeenum"ordinal"Chart scale type:
  • ordinal
  • linear
interpolationenum"linear"Interpolation function used to generate curve:
  • basis
  • basis_closed
  • bundle
  • cardinal
  • cardinal_closed
  • catmull_rom
  • catmull_rom_closed
  • linear
  • linear_closed
  • monotone_x
  • monotone_y
  • natural
  • step
  • step_after
  • step_before
card_colorstring"rgba(255, 255, 255, 100)"Card color
empty_colorstring"rgba(255, 255, 255, 100)"Color of empty card slots
band_colorstring"rgba(255, 255, 255, 100)"Band color
text_colorstring-Color of card text, defaults to inverse of card color
unitsstring"Units"Text to display under value
legend_titlestring"Legend title"Legend title
legendbooleantrueShow or hide legend
labelsbooleantrueShow or hide labels
formatbooleantrueShow raw or formatted values
show_data_labelbooleantrueShow or hide bar data label
tooltip_disabledbooleanfalseShow or hide tooltip
round_edgesbooleantrueRound edges
round_domainsbooleantrueRound domains for aligned grid lines
show_grid_linesbooleantrueShow or hide grid lines
auto_scalebooleanfalseGet minimum value of Y axis from data
doughnutbooleanfalseShow doughnut instead of pie slices
explode_slicesbooleanfalseMake radius of each slice proportional to it's value
gradientbooleanfalseFill elements with a gradient instead of a solid color
animationsbooleanfalseEnable animations
page_sizeinteger5Number of visible table rows
arc_widthnumber0.25Arc width, expressed as a fraction of outer radius
bar_paddinginteger8Padding between bars in px
group_paddinginteger16Padding between groups in px
inner_paddinginteger8Inner padding in px
angle_spaninteger240Angle that chart spans (in degrees)
start_angleinteger-120Angle that chart is rotated by. Use negative half of spanning angle to centralize
big_segmentsinteger10Number of big segments on axis
small_segmentsinteger5Number of small segments between every big segment
mininteger0Starting point of scale
maxinteger-Ending point of scale
y_scale_minnumber-Minimum value of Y axis
y_scale_maxnumber-Maximum value of Y axis
x_scale_maxnumber-Maximum value of X axis
format_number_data_labelstring-Format Number
format_number_valuestring-Format Number
format_number_axis_tickstring-Format Number
format_number_y_axis_tickstring-Format Number
format_number_x_axis_tickstring-Format Number


For dashboard only

tile_widthinteger8Tile width (1 to 24)
tile_heightinteger12Tile height (min is 1)
tile_xinteger0X coordinate of tile's top left corner on the dashboard grid (0 to 23)
tile_yinteger0Y coordinate of tile's top left corner on the dashboard grid (min is 0)