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Fields - Filter


Filters can be a part of Dashboard, Model and View.

One dashboard filter can be applied to several reports at the same time. A report is only affected by a dashboard filter if the report has a listen_filters parameter pointing to that dashboard filter.

fields:   #begin of fields section (inside View, Model or Dashboard)
- filter: filter_name
hidden: false
label: 'filter label in UI'
description: 'description in UI'
result: filter_result
- 'filter expression'
- 'filter expression'
- ...

Filter Parameters

filter*string-Field name
labelstring-Override field name in UI
hiddenbooleanfalseHide field in UI
descriptionstring-Field description in UI
The result of the filter must be the same as the result of the mapped field

To filter dimensions, measures and calculations of type string or number:
  • string
  • number
To filter dimensions of type yesno_is_true:
  • yesno
To filter dimensions based on the corresponding Timeframe:
  • day_of_week
  • day_of_week_index
  • month_name
  • quarter_of_year
  • ts
  • yesno
defaultstring[]-List of filter expressions that will be applied to this filter by default