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Mprove User Roles

Any Mprove user can create new organizations.

Organization Owner

The organization creator is automatically assigned the organizationOwner role. It can be changed on the Organization Account page.

organizationOwner can do the following:

  • create new projects within the organization
  • view the Organization Users page

Organization Users page contains a list of all members of the organization's projects. To add or remove users in your organization, use Project Team page.

Project Member Roles

Project member can have one or more predefined roles:

  • standardMember (project member always has this role)
  • explorer
  • filesEditor
  • projectAdmin

Standard Member

Any project member has standardMember role and can do the following:

  • View files
  • Switch production repo branches
  • View visualizations
  • View dashboards


Users with Explorer role can do the following:

  • Explore models
  • Create visualizations and dashboards
  • Save changes to visualizations and dashboards if they are their authors

You can remove Explorer role for those users who only need to see predefined visualizations and dashboards

Files Editor

Users with filesEditor role can do the following:

  • Add and remove project environment variables
  • Switch between dev- and production repositories
  • Edit files
  • Perform .git related actions
  • Save changes to any visualizations and dashboards

Project Admin

Users with projectAdmin role can do the following:

  • Add and remove project environments
  • Add and remove project connections
  • Add and remove project members
  • Edit project member roles
  • Edit project settings