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Explore Model

Click Explore button and select your model.

Select fields

Each section in the fields tree corresponds to the joined View. If the fields are defined in the .model file, they will be visible in the Model fields section.


For each request, Mprove will make only those Joins that are necessary to get the selected fields and filters.

Mprove automatically adds the selected dimensions to the GROUP BY part of the SQL.

You can see all selected fields in the Data panel.

Select chart type


For most chart types, you need to select one dimension and one measure.

You can select the second dimension and specify it in the multiField option for charts of types bar_*_grouped, bar_*_stacked, bar_*_normalized, line, area_*.

For line and area_* charts, one of the dimensions must be numeric (result number or ts) to use the numeric X-axis.

Filter data

Hover the mouse over the field in the fields tree by which you want to filter and click the Filter button.

Depending on the result parameter of the field, you get the corresponding filter control.

Save visualization

Click the Save As button to save the results.

The results will be saved to a separate .vis BlockML file and will be available on the visualizations page.